Shipping Policy

Delivery, Title & Risk

1. We will deliver the products to the delivery address you provide when making your order. We deliver Australia wide. If for whatever reason we cannot deliver to you, we will notify you as soon as practicable. If you are located outside of Australia we can ship to you, but it is best to contact us on email prior - contact@auspantry.com and we can arrange a suitable shipping fee, if it is not already calculated at checkout.

2. Where your delivery is handled directly by our ‘Aus Pantry’ staff (for some but not all deliveries within Metro or Greater Melbourne), we will endeavour to ensure that the receipt of your goods is sighted (we can see that you have physically received the goods).

3. We reserve the right to request to see a copy of identification to prove you are the intended recipient of an order, where we suspect you are not the intended recipient.

4. Where you have instructed and agreed our team or an outsourced delivery partner (delivery service/courier or Australia Post) to deliver a parcel or product to a certain address that is unattended (i.e. not able to be received by yourself at the time of delivery), we accept no responsibility for the loss, theft, damage or misplacement of the order or products, once the item is delivered.

5. Delivery costs are set out on the Site and will vary depending on your delivery address.

6. Aus Pantry is based in Braeside, Melbourne, Victoria. When an order is processed, we dispatch via Australia Post within 2 business days. Shipping times for Australian capital cities is 3-6 business days. For regional times check with Australian Post. 

7. Any delivery periods disclosed here, on the website or on social media are subject to change without prior forewarning or notice. We will endeavour to notify you in any instance that your delivery significantly delayed, however this is not always possible.

8. Any delivery periods displayed on the Site are estimates only, based on the information provided by the delivery company.

9. If you need to change the delivery date or delivery address, please notify us immediately in writing, and we will endeavour to accommodate these changes; though depending on if delivery is already in progress or outsourced to a third party delivery partner, this may not be possible and beyond our control. Should you change in delivery address result in increased delivery costs, we or our delivery partners retain the right to charge you for such increased delivery costs.

10. We may deliver the products using a range of delivery methods.

11. We may deliver the products using our own ‘Aus Pantry’ delivery staff OR outsourced delivery service/courier partners or Australia Post. We are not formally associated with such parties.

12. When you place an order with us and it is stated we will use a Third Party delivery or courier service or Australia Post, you accept this as a separate binding agreement between you and this third party for the delivery of products in accordance with their own specified Service Standard, Terms, Conditions & Policies.

13. Where an order or product is delivered to you using a Third Party delivery service, courier or Australia Post; Aus Pantry accepts no responsibility or liability for the service, terms or conditions applied to such delivery by these Third Parties. It remains the responsibility of the customer (‘you’) to review the Service Standards, Terms, Conditions & Policies set out by such Third Parties relative to your order, before you place the order with The Vino Shop.

14. Third party delivery or courier service partners, or Australia Post, may change their Service Standards, Terms, Conditions & Policies at any point in time, The Vino Shop is not liable for the consequences of such changes, nor are we responsible for notifying you of when these Third Party Service Standards, Terms, Conditions & Policies may change.

15. Title to the products will remain with us until you have paid us the Price in full in accordance with the Terms.

16. Our The Vino Shop delivery staff are trained to check that no broken goods (i.e. smashed bottles of beverages that render the product inconsumable) are delivered to you, and that your ordered goods are delivered in the condition intended by The Vino Shop at the time of selling such goods to you.

17. Risk in the products will pass to you as soon as they are delivered to the delivery address you provided in your order. Once the order is deemed delivered, you accept all risk including any liability to breakage of products due to your handling or movement of products.

18. When you place an order with us, and detail your delivery instructions (whether you accept delivery in person or instruct to leave the delivery unattended at your desired address), you do so accepting that once we have deemed the order delivered, Aus Pantry holds no responsibility for theft, use, or consumption of delivered goods by parties known or unknown to you, that you may or may not reside with.

19. Orders at the completion of checkout of $30 or more are shipped free. Orders under $30 attract a standard shipping fee - $10.

20. Please ensure you enter the correct delivery address as any incorrect addresses will attract additional shipping fees.