Why Buying Seasonal Produce Is Important

With Winter in full swing, the change of seasons not only means a change in wardrobe, but it also means a change in colour of the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables that we can buy at our local market or grocery store. What's the big fuss? Buying seasonal produce is not only better for your health, but it is also better for our environment too. Here are the reasons why.

1. Seasonal fruit and vegetables have a higher nutritional value
Fruits and vegetables that are picked at their peak of ripeness are not only better tasting and full of flavour, but they retain their full vitamin and mineral content. Seasonal fruits and vegetables also contain a higher level of antioxidants, which means eating seasonally is better for your health, wellbeing and immunity.

2. Obtain a wider variety of food in your diet
By eating what's in season, you can obtain a broader variety of foods, which can lead to a healthier, well-rounded and balanced diet. We are creatures of habit, so sometimes we only opt for our favourite fruits and vegetables, but there's nothing better than expanding your horizons, exposing your palate to different flavours, and cooking up delicious new foods from that you can prepare both cheaply and easily.

3. Avoid chemicals and contaminants
Out of season produce are not only harvested early but are often loaded with different contaminants to help extend their shelf life. Locally sourced fruits and vegetables on the other hand are less likely to sprayed with pesticides and preservatives which are used to keep fruits and vegetables fresh during transport. 

4. Cut down on 'food miles'
Seasonal and locally grown food has the biggest benefit for the planet, as it takes less resources to transport and store your food. It travels a shorter distance to reach your plate, cutting down on ‘food miles’, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributes to improving your carbon footprint. Ultimately, buying seasonal produce will help support a more sustainable food economy - it's a huge yes from us! 

5. Support your local farmers
By purchasing local and seasonal produce, you are also supporting the local economy, as well as local farmers by. At Australian Organic Food Co, work closely with organic farmers, and find a use for their ‘wonky’ fruit and veggies. These fruit and veggies usually go to waste, but we turn them into incredible products like organic soups, pasta sauces and fruit purees! Find the entire range online at AusPantry.com.

So, what’s in season this winter?
We all know that those cold winter days are perfect for soup, so luckily the best soup vegetables are in season in winter, including carrots, pumpkins, sweet potato and turnips. Some of our favourite fruits are also in season, including apples and oranges which both contain plenty of antioxidants and phytonutrients to help support your immune system this cold & flu season.